Dooble Web Browser


Dooble is a product produced from love and lots of labor. Please consider reading the latest release notes. Small donations do help. Please consider donating.


  • FreeBSD, Linux

    Dooble uses the popular Qt and WebKit frameworks. It also partially supports WebEngine.

  • Mac OS X

    Complete native support.

  • Windows

    Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows XP.

Where are you Doobling today?

  • Bookmarks

    Dooble's bookmark system is effectively simple.


  • Cookies

    An informative display simplifies cookie management.


  • Desktop

    Dooble includes a delicate desktop. The desktop may serve as a portal to the operating system.


  • Download Manager

    Dooble contains a friendly download manager. File digests are also included.


  • Exceptions

    The Web is a vast frontier.


  • File Manager

    An integrated file manager is an absolute necessity. Drag-and-drop support is included. Operations such as creating directories, deleting entries, and renaming entries are also included. Need to access a file with a specific application? Simply double-click on the file and Dooble shall either launch the assigned application or display an application-selection prompt.


  • FTP Browser

    Dooble includes an FTP browser. The browser displays both connection information and directory contents.


  • History

    A history interface is provided. Bookmarking, editing, and searching are just some of the functions included in the History panel.


  • Options

    Dooble includes advanced and basic options.


  • Web

    Legacy and new architectures. AMD, ARM, Alpha, Intel, PowerPC, Sparc.


Dooble Releases

  • Dooble 1.56

    May 1, 2016

    Celebrating labor. Version 1.56 is the final chapter in the first verse of Dooble. What dreams shall pass? Perhaps better things will follow. Happy journeys and to all a good night. Will be seeing you.